The Committee for Smith for the Supreme Court welcomes any donations you can give to Dennise's campaign and appreciates your support.

If you contribute $250 or less, you must include your full name. If you contribute more than $250, you must include your full name, amount of contribution, date the contribution was made, your residential and mailing addresses, occupation (e.g. teacher, nurse, attorney, doctor, homemaker, retired, unemployed) and Employer (this is the contributor’s primary employer; if self-employed it should be noted; if a homemaker or retired, write “not applicable”). There is also a limit of a $1,000 per person for the entire campaign. If you wish to mail your donation in, please do so by a check made out to Smith for the Supreme Court at 3510 MacCorkle Ave SE, Charleston, WV, 25304.

*If you are a state employee, please disregard the contribution request.