About Dennise

Experienced • Accountable • Unbiased

I have worked as a lawyer for more than 20 years. Representing people from all walks of life, as well as organizations, has given me the ability to see an issue from many different perspectives, and find the proper path forward under the law. While many attorneys decide early on whether to work for individuals or defend business interests, and then do so for their entire careers, that can lead to a one-sided view of the law. This was not the path for me. I believe my diverse experience makes me the most qualified and balanced candidate in the Supreme Court election.

It is the responsibility of a Supreme Court Justice to preserve and protect the Constitution by making fair, impartial decisions based on the facts and the law—not politics, wealth, or status. A Supreme Court Justice must ensure that the Constitutional rights of all citizens are protected equally. The important work the Supreme Court does impacts the lives of everyday people as well as the flow of business that keeps our economy moving.

The duties of the Supreme Court are sacred to the Republic. The judiciary must be, and remain, an unbiased and nonpartisan third branch of government. I understand, respect, and honor these principles, and will decide all cases based on the facts and the law: nothing more, nothing less.

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